Who's Coming!



Kelly and Melinda Ellis (Both events)                                              

Pam (Falwell) & Barry Fronek (Both events)                                      

Anthony Helliwell & Michelle Gonzales (Both events)

Gail (Hounshell) & Dan Radford (Both events)

Marlys (Huwe) & Dirk Powell (Both events)

Tanya (Lemley) & Bob Babbitt (Both events)

Carla (Mask) & James Baker (Both events)

Joel & Becki Mendenhall (Both events)

Margie (Phillips) & Rod Vieira (Both events)

Susan (Plummer) & Dave Palmer (Both events)

Ginna (Plummer) Touchstone (Both events)

Christina Pratt & Richard McConnell (Melrose only)

Debbie Ridenour (Both events)

Sam Van Meter (Both events)

Cathy Weigum (Both events)

Bill & Erin West (Both events)

Linda (Dement) Durham (Both events)

Colleen Ryder (Both events)

Mark Baptista & Guest (Both events)

Kevin & Shannon Johnson (Both events)

Sherri (Swikert) Brown (Both events)

Jeff Riley (Both events)

Dianne (Davidson) Tucker (Both events)

Cindy (Heath) & Joel Mizell (Both events)

Mandy (Hubbard) Wilson (Both events)

Todd Boyd (Both events)

Kim Larson (Anderson) (Both Events)

Cam & Terri Burks (Both events)

Eric & Cyndi Zimmerman (Eric Both events/Cyndi Melrose only)

Kevin & Cindy (VanRiper) Phillips (Both events)

Karen (Bright) Bentley and Micha Richardson (Both events)

Buck Sarver (Both events)

Will Williamson & Terri D'Amato (Both eLvents)

Debbie Berg & Dale Ratajczak  (Both events)

Karen (Kytola) Hightower (Both events)

Suzie (Hanan) Cox (Both events)

Karen Hilgart (Both events)

Donald Sumstine & Susan Stiles-Sumstine (Melrose only)

Troy & Janna Vanderhoof (Both events)

Lori (Hytrek) Syed & Rafi Syed (Both events)

Phyllis (Weber) Smith & Greg Smith (Both events)

Dianna (Goodell) Mote & Barry Mote (Both events)

Jennifer Conn Haskell (Both events)

Brent Bogue (Both events)

Laurie (LaRoque) Brownlow (Both events)

Chevonna (McCall) Drake  & Tim Drake (Both Events)

Bruce and Jackie Rattner (Both events)

Susan (Brantley) Smailes  & Paul Smailes (Melrose only)

Roxanne (Evans) Conner & Chuck Conner (Both events) 

LaCaya (Lemley) Steele & Darrell Steele (Both events)

Cathy Carter-Baranek (Both events)

Beverlea Wells (Backside only)

Jim Fields (Both events)

Debbie (Welch) Newcom & Guest (Both events)

Greg & Katrina Langdon (Both events)

Lisa Randolph (Both events)

Karla Crawford & Ray Crawford (Both events)

Mark Goodwin (Both events)

Mark & Rebecca Allen (Both events)

Brenda (Maresh) Porter & Daniel Porter (Both events)

Lonnie Kelly & Guest (Both events)

Jodie (Forney) Hanan & Mitch Hanan (Both events)

Patty (David) Shepherd & Craig Shepherd (Both events)

Karrie (Hill) Schultz & Scott Schultz (Both events)

Nancy (Proutt) Hassen and Fred Schwartz (Both events)

Sarah (Bailey) Buri and Sam Buri (Both events)

Steven & Jen Bacigalupo (Both events)

Katherine Peterson & Douglas Hockett (Melrose only)

Betsy (Huges) Yraguen & Jaime Yraguen (Both events)

Joan (Herbage) 0'Keefe (Both events)

Brenda (Jackson) Boyce & Mike Boyce (Backside only)

Mollie (Andrews) Boardman (Both events)

Karen Abdill (Both events)

Joe Ashcraft & Jackie Ashcraft (Both events)

Shelly (Brundige) Hill & Tony Hill (Both events)

Brenda Larecy & Guest (Both events)

Liane (Dyck) Lawrence & David Lawrence (Both events)

Sabra (Soulia) Norton & Scott McKinnon (Both events)

Keith Keller & Emma Keller (Melrose only)

Deanna (Cumpston) Ritchey & Dan Ritchey (Both events)

Kelly (Holm) Farmer & Randy Farmer (Both events)

Steve & Bonnie Wuergler (Both events)

Bonnie (Brown) Gauer & Larry Gauer (Both events)

Mark Conan (Both events)

Karen (Mobley) McGuire & Gordon McGuire (Both events)

Laura (Stilwell) Moore (Both events)

Darrin & Linda Roberts (Both events)

Karen (Bass) Chan & Kit Wah Chan (Both events)

Pam Pearce (Backside only)

Dean Hibbs (Both events)

Eric Worden & Spouse (Both events)

Dena (White) Hornbeck (Backside only)

Craig Volhland (Both events)

Jim & Michelle Cole (Backside only)